LTV Calculator

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So you’re a mobile marketer tasked with increasing revenue for your app. You've been given some budget and now need to know how much you can spend on advertising while still making a profit.

What you need to know is your user’s lifetime value (LTV). We’ll help you find it here.


Acquisition costs can vary quite a bit on the two major mobile platforms. If your app is on both platforms, run the calculator once for each.

The average amount of revenue you collect directly through this version of the app in recent months, including in-app purchases, ad revenues, subscriptions, and any other app-based monetization.

If your revenue is 0, you don't have an LTV.

Just in this platform-specific version of the app.

The percentage of customers that stop using your app each month.

Please enter a churn rate greater than .01% Please make sure all fields are completed before submitting